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Saudi Arabia

July 20, 2009

Learn Standard Aabic II (Arabic Phrases)



You can pause the video any time and reply any part you like or didn't hear well. For the table below I used the blue font in some places in transliteration to distinguish between the female and male gender. Which is not that different from the masculine form, just an extra “i” or “a” …

The video below contains the same text as the table below it, however the video contains audio as well, so that you will be able to hear the words and see how they're written. 



Arabic Phrases

English Phrases

Arabic Transliterated Phrases

Arabic Greetings:



Good Morning!

Sabah el kheer

Good Evening!

Masaa el kheer

Welcome! (to greet someone)


How Are You?

Kaifa haloka/ haloki ( female)

I'm Fine, Thanks!

Ana bekhair, shokran!

And You?

Wa ant? / Wa anti? (female)

Good/ So-So.

Jayed/ 'aadee

Thank You (Very Much)!

Shokran (jazeelan)

You're Welcome! (for “thank you”)


Hey! Friend!

Ahlan sadiqi/ sadiqati! (female)

I Missed You So Much!

Eshtaqto elaika/ elaiki (female) katheeran

What's New?


Nothing Much

Lashai jadeed

Good Night!

Tosbeho/ tosbeheena (female) ‘ala khair/

See You Later!

Araka/ Araki (female) fi ma ba'd

Good Bye!

Ma’a salama

Help & Directions:

I'm Lost

Ada'tu tareeqi!

Can I Help You?

Hal beemkani mosa’adatuk?

Can You Help Me?

Hal beemkanek mosa’adati?

Where is the (bathroom/ pharmacy)?

Ayna ajedu (al merhaad/ assaidaliah)?

Go Straight! Then Turn Left/ Right!

imshy ala tool, thumma ‘arrij yaminan/ shimalan

I'm Looking For John.

Abhatu ‘an John

One Moment Please!

Lahda men fadlek/ fadleki (female)

Hold On Please! (phone)

ibqa/ ibqay (female) ala al khat raja'an

How Much Is This?

Kam howa thamanoh? (th as in bath)

Excuse Me ...! ( to ask for something)

Men fathlek/ fathleki (female) (th as in that)

Excuse Me! ( to pass by)


Come With Me!

Ta'ala/ ta'alay (female) ma'ee!

Personal Info:

Do You Speak (English/ Arabic)?

Hal tatakallamu alloghah alenjleziah/ alarabiah?

Just a Little.


What's Your Name?

Ma esmouk? Ma esmouki?

My Name Is ….


Mr. Mrs.…/ Miss…

Assayed…/ Assayeda…/ Al anesah ...

Nice To Meet You!

Motasharefon/ motasharefatun (f) bema'refatek

You're Very Kind!

Anta lateef/ Anti lateefa

Where Are You From?

Men ayna anta/ anti (female)?

I'm From (the U.S/ Morocco)

Ana men (amreeka/ almaghrib)

I’m (American)

Ana (amreeki/ amrekiah (female)

Where Do You Live?

Ayna taskun?/ Ayna taskuneen? (female)

I live in (the U.S/ France)

A'eesho fel welayat almotaheda/ faransa

Did You Like It Here?

Hal istamta'ta bewaqtika/ bewaqtiki (f) huna?

Morocco Is a Wonderful Country

Al maghrib baladun jameel!

What Do You Do For A Living?

Ma mehnatuk? Mehnatuki (female)

I Work As A (Translator/ Businessman)

A'mal ka(motarjim/ rajul a'maal)

I Like Arabic

Ohibbu allughah al arabia

I've Been Learning Arabic For 1 Month

adrusu allughah al arabia mundu shahr

Oh! That's Good!

Hada shay'un Jameel

How Old Are You?

Kam howa umruk? umroki (female)

I'm (twenty, thirty…) Years Old.

Umri ( 'eshreen/ thalatheen) sanah (th as in bath)

I Have To Go

Yajebu an athhaba al aan! (th as in that)

I Will Be Right Back!

Sa arje’o halan


Good Luck!


Happy Birthday!

Eid meelad sa'eed!

Happy New Year!

Sana sa'eedah!

Merry Christmas!

A'yaad meelad Saeedah

Happy Eid!

Eid mobarak!

Happy Ramadan

Ramadan mobarak!



Enjoy! (For meals…)

Shahia tayebah!

I'd Like To Visit Morocco One Day

Arghabu bezeyarat al maghrib.

Say Hi To John For me.

Sallem ‘ala John men ajlee

Bless you (when sneezing)

Rahimaka Allah

Good Night & Sweet Dreams!

Laila sa'eda wa ahlaam ladida


I'm Sorry! (if you don't hear something)


Sorry (for a mistake)


No Problem!

La moshkelah

Can You Say It Again?

A’ed men fadlek!/ A’eedi men fadleki (fem)

Can You Speak Slowly?

Takalam bebot’ men fadlek/ fadleki (fem)

Write It Down Please!

Oktobha men fadlek/ Oktobiha men fadleki (fem)

I Don't Understand!

La afham!

I Don't Know!

La a’ref!

I Have No Idea.

La adri!

What's That Called In Arabic?

Ma esmoho bel arabiah?

What Does "qit" Mean In English?

Mada ta'ni kalemat "qit" bel inglizia?

How Do You Say "Please" In Arabic?

Kaifa taqoulu kalimat "please" bel arabia?

What Is This?

Ma hatha (th as in that)

My Arabic Is Bad.

Lughati al arabic laisat kama yajib

I need to practice my Arabic

Ahtaaju an atadarraba 'ala al arabia!

Don't Worry!

La taqlaq! La taqlaqi (fem)

Arabic Expressions & Words:

Good/ Bad/ So-So.

Jayed/ saye'/ 'adee

Big/ Small

Kabeer/ Sagheer

Today/ Now

Alyawm/ Al aan

Tomorrow/ Yesterday

Ghadan/ Albareha

Yes/ No

Na’am/ Laa

Here You Go! (when giving something)


Do You Like It?

Hal a’jabak? Hal a’jabaki? (female)

I Really Like It!

A’jabani haqqan!

I'm Hungry/ Thirsty.

Ana jae’/ ana ‘atshaan

In The Morning/ Evening/ At Night.

Sabahan/ masa’an/ laylan

This/ That. Here/There

Hatha/ thalek. Huna/ hunaak (th as in that)

Me/ You. Him/ Her.

Ana/ anta/ anti (you female). Houwa/ Hiya




Onzor / Onzori (female)

Hurry Up!

Asre'/ Asre'ee (female)

What? Where?

Matha? Ayn? (th as in that)

What Time Is It?

kam essa'a?

It's 10 o'clock. 07:30pm.

Enaha al 'ashera. Ennaha assaabe'a wa nesf.

Give Me This!

A'teni hatheh! (th as in that)

I Love You!

Uhibbok/ uhibboki (female)

I Feel Sick.

ana mareed.

I Need A Doctor

ahtaju tabeeban!

One, Two, Three

wahed, ithnaan, thalatha (th as in think).

Four, Five, Six

arba'a, khamsa, sitta

Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten

sab'a, thamania (th as in think), tis'a, 'ashara.


I hope the content of this page was useful to you, and that you learned some Arabic phrases, expressions and words.

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06:07 AM May 30 2013



do you come to this site sometimes ???????

so I leave my greeting here, just for you

enjoy, and be happpy

09:19 AM Oct 22 2009


United States

Oh I love this, I love Arabic, This is wonderfulSmilehelps to know these phrases.

04:28 PM Sep 20 2009



Fantastic blog!

I love learning new languajes, and
this is really helpful to me.

Shokran jazeelan =)

11:26 AM Aug 10 2009


hi najla can i be your freind

11:26 AM Aug 10 2009


hi najla can i be your freind

11:26 AM Aug 10 2009


hi najla can i be your freind

01:33 PM Jul 28 2009



You really did a great job


I like to use it when I come to Syria

also for my mails when I write to some friends at english baby


thanks a lot Najla


take care

Jo,  knight of the unknown kingdom