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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

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August 2, 2014

At least 296 Palestinian children and adolescents have been killed since Israel launched its offensive in the Gaza Strip against Hamas on July 8, the UN said on Saturday. "Children make up for 30 percent of the civilian casualties," said the UN children's agency UNICEF, adding that the toll was based on deaths which it was able to verify and was likely to rise. "The number of child casualties during the last 48 hours may rise as a number of incidents are pending verification," it said in a statement. UNICEF stressed that its figures are "cross-checked to the best extent possible in the current situation... subject to change based on further verifications." "Between 8 July and 2 August 2014 (up until 11:00), at least 296 Palestinian children were reported killed as a result of airstrikes and shelling by Israel aerial, naval and ground forces," it said. The toll breaks down to 187 boys and 109 girls, with at least 203 of them under the age of 12. More than 1,650 Palestinians in the Gaza enclave have been killed since Israel launched Operation Protective Edge last month, aimed at halting militant rocket fire. Most of those killed have been civilians, and more than 8,900 have been wounded. Israel has itself lost 63 soldiers, while two civilians and a Thai worker have been killed inside the Jewish state. DEATH TO ISRAEL!!!!!!!! ISRAEL SHOULD GOING OUT OF EVERY WHERE...EVEN HERE...ISRAEL,,,GO TO HELL AND DONT COME BACK!!!! NEVER.! ISRAEL IS JUST A CHILDREN KILLER ...NOT MORE!DEATH TO TSRAEL!!!GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

December 9, 2013

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September 7, 2012

Hjhalhf Alryys Sheikh Hussein bin Abdullah bin Hussein bin Ali bin Abu Ali Sina, known as Avicenna in the year 370 AH Afshnh, was born near Bukhara, where the business of science. His early education, including literature, Quran, Fiqh and parents can learn to count and learn the logic and geometry Vnjvm Natel went with Abu Abdullah. His early childhood was an extraordinary knowledge of his time was coming fast. Age of sixteen he began to practice. Samanid Nuh ibn Mansur him heal after a court found him.Turkestan and Khorasan and then spent some time in Gorgan, where he was practicing. Then Ray went Dailami Mjdaldvlh the disease was treated with melancholy.'s Hamadan, the Minister Shams al-Dawla acquired and enjoys the support of La'aldvlh Kakvyh return. eventually died in Hamadan in 428 AH. Among the most famous of his works in Persian Encyclopedia Alaei is also the name of his most important philosophical work of healing which has four parts (logic, natural sciences, mathematics, and we Bdaltbyyh) is named. The next book in the name of law is both a medical encyclopedia in Arabic.

persian translate:

شیخ الرئیس حجةالحف ابو علی حسین بن عبدالله بن حسین بن علی بن سینا مشهور به ابنسینا که در سال 370 هجری در افشنه، نزدیک بخارا متولد شد و در آنجا به کسب علم پرداخت. او تحصیلات مقدماتی از جمله ادبیات، قران، فقه و حساب را ند پدر اموخت و برای فرا گرفتن منطق و هندسه ونجوم نزد ابو عبدالله ناتلی رفت. او از همان اوان کودکی بسیار خارق العاده بود و دانش زمان خود را با سرعت فرا می‌گرفت. او در سن شانزده سالگی به طبابت پرداخت. وی پس از درمان کردن نوح بن منصور سامانی به دربار او راه یافت. به دنبال شهرت روز افزون او که آوازه این شهرت به گوش سلطان محمود نیز رسیده بود محمود او را دعوت کرد تا به غزنین برود اما ابن سینا به دلیل خشونت و تعصب دینیسلطان محمود دعوت او را رد کرد و از خوارزم فرار کرد. مدتی را در ترکستان و خراسان بسر برد و سپس وارد گرگان شد و در آنجا مشغول طبابت گشت.سپس به ری رفت و در آنجا مجدالدوله دیلمی را که به بیماری مالیخولیا مبتلا شده بود را درمان کرد.او در همدان، مقام وزارت شمس الدوله را به دست آورد و از حمایت علاءالدوله کاکویه برخوردار گشت.سرانجام در همدان در سال 428 هجری قمری درگذشت. از جمله معروفترین آثار او می‌توان به دانشنامه علائی که به زبان فارسی است و همچنین مهمترین اثر فلسفی او به نام شفاء که شامل چهار بخش (منطق، طبیعیات، ریاضیات و ما بعدالطبیعیه ) است را نام برد. این اثر و کتاب بعدی به نام قانون که دایرة المعارف طبی می‌باشد هر دو به زبان عربی است.

09:26 AM Aug 06 2013

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

It was a beautiful story my compatriot,I like your whole profile.

12:04 PM Sep 07 2012

United States

Wow.. Never knew that Abu Ali Sina was Persian!! Well he had done alot and his studies are till now studied and reviewed by most of the Westerns and Europeans, especially, when it comes to Medical references..

May GOD BLESS him....