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February 18, 2008

TOEFL: Independent Speaking Question 1 "A Birthday"

Explain how birthdays are celebrated in your country.

In my country, birthdays are not such that special events for most ordinary people.
We wake up in early morning to prepare or buy food
and make a food offering to monks passing by our home.
Then we go out to do merit by making a donation to
charity, needy people, or orphans.
After that in afternoon or evening,
we may hold a small birthday party
among family members and invite our close friends to join it.

For us, a birthday is the day that reminds us of
how lucky we are to have a chance to celebrate ours
and share good things with others,
It's time for us to think retrospectively about the past year that
what we've don't and think forwardly what we're going to do next year.

Sigh...... This sounds solemn and unhappy I am.
It's actually not that bad but I just have no idea what to talk about
because this is my real life...... Hoho...Undecided

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View all entries from Just an extremely ordinary blog >