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March 6, 2008

Gosh..... I can't believe that I haven't written any new blog for 2 weeks but I have an excuse. My friend and I was setting up a new forum in the most popular webboard in Thailand, pantip.com. After it's done, we're having good time posting and answering questions on it. Though it's English learning room forum, most of the topics are about how to use English and I've got to explain them in Thai so I rarely use English. And I found that my English skill especially in writing and speaking is DETERIORATING!!!

Therefore, it's time to go back in English Mode. Think in English, talk in English, or even dream in English again.

That's all folks.

Anyway, if you're Thai and wanna join our community at pantip, click here---> http://www.pantip.com/cafe/library/listerK.php?subgroup=20 .

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View all entries from Just an extremely ordinary blog >

07:29 AM Mar 09 2008


hey preety is tha guy from the Gambai add alphaboy89@hotmail.com

03:27 AM Mar 09 2008



I do really appreciate your attempt and generosity. You are a very smart and friendly guy. The more sharing your knowledge with the group, the more understanding you gain.  I think the good things will come to you. Best of luck. Laughing