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March 12, 2008

Well, for a couple weeks,
I've spent most of my time talking with myself,
really, but only in English... LOL

Lately, I take a conversation class
so I have to get used to English as much as possible
in order to perform well and impress others. Haha.
And read a lot, also, to see
how native speakers express their idea.
Then just copy it into my own.

And I think I’m getting a lot better now. That’s all.

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View all entries from Just an extremely ordinary blog >

04:02 AM Mar 16 2008



cool ! you are great

but i think i can not do it . i like to speak and talk with others. for me it is difficult ,you must have great determination


03:05 PM Mar 13 2008


You remembered me  one humorous ukrainian proverb " If you need to talk with clever human better talk to yourself " lol.  

You know sometimes I’m also talking to myself … is it abnormal??? But at least  I’m not alone :):). And the idea about heart-to–heart  chat in English… it’s great ;) Thanx for advise i am going to practise itLaughing

11:52 PM Mar 12 2008



i want to improve my oral english too~~read your blog~i think you teach me one point maybe i must find a person to talk with me~aHA~~maybe i need to search for a class like conversation study class~~