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April 3, 2008

After my speaking class on Tuesday and Thursday,
my teacher, Steve, often does "After the Class"
(like that of Oprah's "After the Show", Ha ha ha....)

We always talk about everything:
life in America, Thai culture, traffic, TV show, Oprah, and so on...

In the meanwhile, I plan to study an MBA in the States
but still haven't taken any TOEFL and GMAT.
I'm think I'm not ready for it,
maybe because I'm kind of perfectionist
who wants everything to be 100% perfect. <---[How on earth could it happen???!!!]
But Steve (and all of my friends) insists that I'm ready
(maybe because I'm so talkative, like a chatterbox in class. Haha.)

And today he told me one thing: "Life is not a dress rehearsal."

A dress rehearsal is the final practice of a play, opera etc,
using all the clothes, objects etc that will be used for the actual performance.

But life is not a dress rehearsal. It's show time!
He said I could keep practicing until I was old and still doing so
but that's already a part of my show, my actual show time.
So stop procrastinate and take that take. For heaven's sake...

Well.... I'm kind of understanding everything he said
but I was so stunned by his words
because no one has ever talked straight to me like that before.
And he still kept teasing me by saying that
when he goes back to America, he will call me and tell:
"I'm in America and you've still got stuck there... (in Bangkok)."

So I'm going to take the test by this month and we shall see, Steve!!!

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View all entries from Just an extremely ordinary blog >