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Just an extremely ordinary blog

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April 3, 2008

After my speaking class on Tuesday and Thursday,
my teacher, Steve, often does "After the Class"
(like that of Oprah's "After the Show", Ha ha ha....)

We always talk about everything:
life in America, Thai culture, traffic, TV show, Oprah, and so on...

In the meanwhile, I plan to study an MBA in the States
but still haven't taken any TOEFL and GMAT.
I'm think I'm not ready for it,
maybe because I'm kind of perfectionist
who wants everything to be 100% perfect. <---[How on earth could it happen???!!!]
But Steve (and all of my friends) insists that I'm ready
(maybe because I'm so talkative, like a chatterbox in class. Haha.)

And today he told me one thing: "Life is not a dress rehearsal."

A dress rehearsal is the final practice of a play, opera etc,
using all the clothes, objects etc that will be used for the actual performance.

But life is not a dress rehearsal. It's show time!
He said I could keep practicing until I was old and still doing so
but that's already a part of my show, my actual show time.
So stop procrastinate and take that take. For heaven's sake...

Well.... I'm kind of understanding everything he said
but I was so stunned by his words
because no one has ever talked straight to me like that before.
And he still kept teasing me by saying that
when he goes back to America, he will call me and tell:
"I'm in America and you've still got stuck there... (in Bangkok)."

So I'm going to take the test by this month and we shall see, Steve!!!

March 26, 2008

There was news about a girl who committed suicide
by jumping from a 10-storey condominium in central Bangkok on last Saturday.
When I read it, I thought her name was so familiar to me
and I came across that she graduated from the same faculty as mine.

The reason, according to newspapers,: a dispute with her boyfriend

She was an attractive girl, four years younger than me,
a cheerleader of the university, and became a lecturer.

Many say she failed to understand the value of life
and urged schools and families to place more importance
on teaching children to live with consciousness
and to strive for happiness in life,
according to the Lord Buddha's teaching. bla bla bla........

To me, it's no use blaming anyone or society.
It's her choice and she might think it's the only way out.

What would you do if you were in her shoes?
Some may say they wouldn't do such that foolish thing anyway.
But how could you know? You are not her.

Yes, suicide is not the answer
but to impose ideas on people is not a ready-made solution, too.

I'm sorry for the thing she did
but even sadder about the fact that
many people judge everything from their own point of view
and do not try to understand others.

Well....., I may sound unreasonable but that's what I feel.
I'm not in a logical mode of thinking today...

05:53 AM Mar 29 2008

cat m

cat m

First of all forgive me, i will be use my poor english to write some my mind.^^Sure, we are not her, her idea we really didn't know. Maybe by this way is best way for her. But life just have once and very short. I think you must enjoy your life. Today, i saw a girl's blog, she did the same thing with the girl. Because her husband defected their marriage. And make love with a girl. You know look her Blog is very sad, the stupid girl always love the man and wait. What can i do for her? I just send a message, however she have been never to know. Have you are a short of sutra) Hope they are will be happy in other place! namo amitabaya            哆他伽多夜 哆地夜他            datagadaya dayata om            阿弥利都婆毗 阿弥利哆 悉耽婆毗            amire dubabe amita sambabe            阿弥唎哆 毗迦兰帝           amita birimde            阿弥唎哆 毗迦兰多           amita birimda            伽弥腻 伽伽那           gamine gagana            枳多迦利 莎诃           kitikare soha

09:26 AM Mar 26 2008


What a smart text you wrote! 

I've wondered the same: why do anybody do suicide? It's very popular here, in Finland.

I don't believe in life after death, so the suicide could be good way to get out from everything shit. But still the life is unique and it's a pity that all kind of problems make somebody so depressed.. One reason could be the lifestyle nowdays: we must hurry up everywhere, we must do well at school and work etc... It makes many person sad and frustrated.

But I've also seen that somebody wants to get attention with suicide. They say "i'm gonna make the suicide", "i've planned how i could kill myself" etc..When my schoolmates talk like that, I don't know should I cry or laugh my head off.


Think, what kind of shock it will be to your close relatives. Sort out your problems and go ahead!!  

March 16, 2008

Today I read a piece of news from NY Times about
 the collapse of a construction crane in Manhattan
 which killed 4 people and injured more than 10.

It's hard to believe that such this accident would happen in NY
but after 911, anything is possible.
I would like to express my deep sorrow to the families of the victims.

"This construction accident is one of the worst the city has had,"
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said in a news conference this afternoon.
"Our hearts go out to all the victims and their families.

The last sentence is interesting and I looked for its usage in LDOCE:

your heart/thoughts go out to somebody:
used to say that you feel sympathy for someone and are thinking about them

That's the phrase I learned today and again,
my heart goes out to all the victims and their families...

03:53 AM Mar 16 2008



i think you are a kind man,i am impressed.

we shoula care all things in the world