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Just an extremely ordinary blog

March 12, 2008

Well, for a couple weeks,
I've spent most of my time talking with myself,
really, but only in English... LOL

Lately, I take a conversation class
so I have to get used to English as much as possible
in order to perform well and impress others. Haha.
And read a lot, also, to see
how native speakers express their idea.
Then just copy it into my own.

And I think I’m getting a lot better now. That’s all.

04:02 AM Mar 16 2008



cool ! you are great

but i think i can not do it . i like to speak and talk with others. for me it is difficult ,you must have great determination


03:05 PM Mar 13 2008


You remembered me  one humorous ukrainian proverb " If you need to talk with clever human better talk to yourself " lol.  

You know sometimes I’m also talking to myself … is it abnormal??? But at least  I’m not alone :):). And the idea about heart-to–heart  chat in English… it’s great ;) Thanx for advise i am going to practise itLaughing

11:52 PM Mar 12 2008



i want to improve my oral english too~~read your blog~i think you teach me one point maybe i must find a person to talk with me~aHA~~maybe i need to search for a class like conversation study class~~

March 9, 2008

My friend suggested me to write a blog everyday
and that's also a good idea.
Anyway, I don't do things much these days,
getting up, reading, chatting, posting on web board.
That's all for my day, except on Tuesday and Thursday
which I take conversation class.

Maybe I'm just too lazy to take a topic from the TOEFL
and make it again.
Gotta boost up my courage again. Argh!!!!!!!!!

08:00 AM Mar 09 2008



Oh! I'm sorry. I typed too fast. ha ha

* It's your own choice. So let's make it good day everyday! *  Laughing

07:15 AM Mar 09 2008



I think what you have been doing for the English Learning forum is a great work! There are few people who have talent in teaching and explaining difficult things in an easy to understand manner like you. You can choose to feel good or feel bad. It's your won choice. So let's make it good day everday! Laughing

March 6, 2008

Gosh..... I can't believe that I haven't written any new blog for 2 weeks but I have an excuse. My friend and I was setting up a new forum in the most popular webboard in Thailand, pantip.com. After it's done, we're having good time posting and answering questions on it. Though it's English learning room forum, most of the topics are about how to use English and I've got to explain them in Thai so I rarely use English. And I found that my English skill especially in writing and speaking is DETERIORATING!!!

Therefore, it's time to go back in English Mode. Think in English, talk in English, or even dream in English again.

That's all folks.

Anyway, if you're Thai and wanna join our community at pantip, click here---> http://www.pantip.com/cafe/library/listerK.php?subgroup=20 .

07:29 AM Mar 09 2008


hey preety is tha guy from the Gambai add alphaboy89@hotmail.com

03:27 AM Mar 09 2008



I do really appreciate your attempt and generosity. You are a very smart and friendly guy. The more sharing your knowledge with the group, the more understanding you gain.  I think the good things will come to you. Best of luck. Laughing