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Just an extremely ordinary blog

February 23, 2008

Yesterday I went to a meeting of Peugeot4You.com,
an online community of Peugeot users in Thailand.
It's very fun and enjoyable at all to see and share opinion
with other car lovers (who love to drive and fix their car. Haha)


I drunk too much so I'd got to take a rest for a while
untill getting better and driving back home.

Anyway, it seemed that I'm among the youngest people attending the meeting.
Another thing that I've noticed is that
the younger you are, the older car you use (305, 405, 505)
and in turn, the older you are, the newer car you use (406). LOL.......

ps. This is my beloved car, Peugeot 305gl '86 so she's already 22 years old. Oldie but goodie...
Her name is "Uncle White" because I got this car from my uncle for free....

(Ummm, how should I call my car: he or she???) 


06:03 AM Mar 04 2008


Cool.......her name is " Uncle White"  lovely name....she car but he name .......you know I have an old motorbike she is too old but strong her name is " Aunt white" "ป้าชี"

06:39 AM Feb 28 2008



Wow,wow,you was have wonderful days,I am sure you enjoy it pretty much...well,after Nina's suggestion, you have got a lovely name for your car:D...you have to admited she is nice! Ciciel:)

08:27 PM Feb 25 2008

nate_straight guy

I can see your point about men's passion for car...

Anyway, I'm thinking to change my car's name to "Auntie White".
Would it sound lovelier?

01:25 PM Feb 25 2008


Oh that men… only them can talk about  simple piece of metal with such a tender , moreover they talk to that junk  and call there cars by name ….  Oh please start up… do it for me … Unkle white..  lolololol , but I think usually guys call them with girls name... My brother drives vvvvery old Peugeot and he call it with his  first girlfriend name , first I thought it was proof of great love to  poor girl, but letter i noticed it because  both of them are capricious :) . But   really you brought a  genius point…WHO  IS IT .. HE OR SHE… and i am not ready to answer it :))))….And from the number of bottles on the table  i see u had a good time.... cute page i enjoyed it a lot :):):)

February 18, 2008

TOEFL: Independent Speaking Question 1:

Describe an ideal marriage partner.
What qualities do you think are most important for a husband or wife?

Well......., this is an interesting question that I've never asked myself before. I never think what qualities of the girl I like are. And if she asks me, the only answer I will give to her is "just the way you are."

And it's for sure that I cannot answer like that on the TOEFL...

Okay..... brainstorm...brainstorm.......

- compatibility
-----> have sth in common to share and spend time together
- maturity
-----> be responsible and can take care of one's self.
- pretty
-----> I don't like beautiful girls. I love pretty one, esp. with glasses and shirt.
          (I'm not an OTAKU (Japanese word for a 'geek'.
          I'm just thinking that it's cute...)
          I'd better cross out this one. Hahaha. xxxx
- open-minded
-----> Ah, yes. This sounds a lot better.
          As a couple, it doesn't mean that we have to agree in everything.
          The important thing is we must have an open mind           to accept and give honor to each other's idea.

In my view, three characteristics are essential for a marriage partner. First and foremost, compatibility is very important because spending time for the rest of your life with someone is a huge commitment and without compatibility in values, interests and goals, it would be a struggle rather than a partnership.

Besides, maturity is also an important factor for being a good partner. I don't want to hang out with someone who is childish and cannot take care of one's self. At my age, it's time to consider a long-term relationship, which requires not only love and affection but also responsibility and care.

Moreover, a partner should be open-minded. Being a couple doesn't mean that we have to agree in everything. Relationship should be based on open mind to accept and give honor to each others' idea although it is different from yours.

Wow, that's great! (How could I praise myself???) But it took me about 15 minutes to finish it!!! (Remember that in the real test, there're only 15 seconds to prepare and 45 seconds to speak...) So I'd better make it quick next time...

February 18, 2008

TOEFL: Independent Speaking Question 1 "A Birthday"

Explain how birthdays are celebrated in your country.

In my country, birthdays are not such that special events for most ordinary people.
We wake up in early morning to prepare or buy food
and make a food offering to monks passing by our home.
Then we go out to do merit by making a donation to
charity, needy people, or orphans.
After that in afternoon or evening,
we may hold a small birthday party
among family members and invite our close friends to join it.

For us, a birthday is the day that reminds us of
how lucky we are to have a chance to celebrate ours
and share good things with others,
It's time for us to think retrospectively about the past year that
what we've don't and think forwardly what we're going to do next year.

Sigh...... This sounds solemn and unhappy I am.
It's actually not that bad but I just have no idea what to talk about
because this is my real life...... Hoho...Undecided