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Just an extremely ordinary blog

February 13, 2008

Some universities give financial aid in the form of grants,
which don't have to be paid back,
whereas others provid financial assistance in the fom of loans,
which must be paid back.

Which option do you think is better and why?
Support you decision with reasons and examples.

The question above is the second type of question
in the speaking section in the TOEFL: choose an option.

Well, one thing is for sure, I love free stuff!
So I'd prefer grant..... Ummm how should I write about it???

Okay let's brainstorm and outline

- It motivates student to study harder.
---> compete for award
- Grant helps needy students
---> live better
- Student don't have to pay back so they can concentrate on their study.
---> don't have to worry about finding money to repay

By the way, I forget to tell you that
for the first 2 questions in this section,
you have 15 seconds to prepare and 45 seconds to speak.
So you should be clear as go straight to the point!

Okay, here's my answer:

I think it is better of offer students grants

First, it motivates students to study harder.
In order to win the grant,
students must pay attention to their study and make high score.
This will improve the quality of the students and the school.

Moreover, offering grants will help student who are needy.
It's pity that some students who cannot afford for tuition fee must drop out
because they have to work to support their family.
Grants will give chanes to these students to study and live a better live.

Finally, students can concentrate on their study
because they do not have to pay back.
They do not have to worry about future
whether than can make much money enought to repay loans
and can pursue higer education with confidence.

Ummm... This's still awkward to me
but did you know that this's first time in my life
I try to answer such these questions by myself?
Keep going!

February 13, 2008

Describe you favorite hobby, and explain why you enjoy it.

In fact, I want to say that my favorite hobby is fixing my car
but it seems a bit difficult to describe why I do such thing.
Therefore, in order to be able to give three reasons for it,
I would say my hobby are surfing the Internet.

During my free time, I love to surf the Internet.

I'm always eager for knowledge
and there's a lot of information and data on the Internet.
It provides me with any subject I want to know such as news, history, scientific update.
With a couple clicks on Google.com, I can get access to vast amount
of information from all around the world.
For example, if I want to know about global warming,
instead of going to library and digging myself among tons of books,
I can watch on-line video and read about it from my home.

Moreover, the Internet really helps me improve my English.
In the past, it is difficult to find materilals to learn English
and most of them at my univerisity library are outdated.
Nowadays, there are many websites that offeres English learning materials
in many formats, like e-books, audiobooks, and broadband video.
I can sit in front of my notebook at practice reading, writing, listening
or even speaking skill through the Internet.

Finally, I have many friends through the Internet.
There're many website, webboards, and blogs
that people can express and share their interests.
To illustrate, I have lots and various of friends from
car lovers, music, food, religion, or even cat lovers communies
and sometimes we hold meetings to see each other.

To sum up, the Internet is my favorite hobby that
provides me with knowledge, helps me improve English, and
offer me lots of friends. Without it, my life would me much duller.

Well, it seems wordy and awkward. What's wrong with me?
Anyway, let's do the next one....

February 13, 2008

Describe a place you would like to visit
and explain why you choose this location.
Use details and examples to support you position.

Well, this seems to be easy one.
I would like to visit Harpo Studio in Chicago
in which "the Oprah Winfrey Show" is recorded.

To begin with, I'm a big fan of her show
and really admire her for the things she's done to our world.
I almost gave up my graduate study but after watching her shows
she inspired me to do the best of my ability to fulfill my dream.
I really want to meet her in the flesh and get her autograph.

Besides, I've never been to any other countries before
and I've never seen snow. Chicago is a northern city in the States
so I expect to be there and touch snow once in my life.

Moreover, have you ever heard about "Oprah's favorite things" show?
In the show that day, she will surprise the audiences by
giving away stuff such as nice clothes, TV, camera, and car!!!
I wish I were there and got a cool Chevloret for free!


Yeah, you may think that above sounds stupid.
Give me a break! What do you expect me to diliver?
A presidential inaugural?
When you say something from your heart, not your head,
with passion not ration or any logic,
youl will feel good with yourself and can do it naturally.

And that's the first one for today.
See? I can handle this quite well. I'm rocked Haha!