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Just an extremely ordinary blog

February 13, 2008

Ok. Today, let's talk about the speaking section on the TOEFL iBT.
Most people, especially Thai students, are always anxious in this part
because we almost never have chances to practice this skill
and we're stupidly shy......

Sun Tzu, the author of "the Art of war" once said,
"If you know others and know yourself,
you will not be imperilled in a hundred battles...
if you do not know your enemies nor yourself,
you will be imperilled in every single battle."

The TOEFL is a battle!!! with the cost of $140
so it would be smart to prepare for it.
And did you know that at my English institute,
anyone who can score higher than 100 on iBT
will receive prize for 10,000 baht or around $300!!!

Therefore, this is worth doing so.....

So let's begin NOW!!!$$$

There are  6 questions in speaking section.
1. Personal Preference Question
2. Choose an Option Question
3. Summarize an Opinion Question
4. Summarize/Contrast Question
5. Summarize/Preference Question
6. Summarize Question

The first speaking task on the TOEFL typically asks you
to describe something that you would prefer to do,see, or experiece,
which seems very easy but most Thai students
have problem with this question. Why?

Well, because in Thailand, we are never taught
to express our idea or feeling clearly.
We've got to obey adults (no matter how stupid they are!)
and in exam we cannot answer anything else
more than the content in our text books.
That's such a shame of our education.

So what? Are you going to blame that all the time?
Come on. It's useless to get stuck with the past.
Just leave it behind and walk on!!!
I had better do what I can do at the time as much as possible.

From now on, I will prepare the answer for this kind of question,
at least 5 answers a day
and I will post them here because it really makes me feel that
there must be someone accidently read them
and that also helps improve his skill.

Please come and join my journey...
to the States and prosperity.

February 12, 2008

Haha. Sometimes I do something with alacrity
and then I've got to ask myself again, "what I've done last night?"

It's easy for me to get stuck with my own negative feeling
and don't know (or don't want?) to get out of it.

According to lord Buddha, always be conscious
because consciousness is the most prestige thing everyone has.
The more consciousness you have, the clearer world you see.

I feel a lot happier now than last night
but so sleepy because I haven't slept yet.......
My thoughts are discursive and cannot focus what to write next...

It's high time I did something!
Good night, guys. But it's almost 8 o'clock in the morning here
and it's national anthem time in Thailand.

Here I am, in Bangkok--land of cliche and insane smile.

09:25 PM Feb 12 2008

Gianyna Chuong

YEAH. Your name, NATE, is girly. Bye.

February 12, 2008

At first, I wrote this stuff in order to post on my blog in Thailand.
However, I think it's okay to post it here becuase I have nothing to lose...
and you guys may have a chance to know me more.
(Is there anyone wants to know me?)
Just read it or leave it. Hah!

Welcome everyone. Here is the English section of nut305.bloggang.com.
As you may know, I've got to take TOEFL and GMAT within a couple months
but my writing and speaking skill is still terrible, from my point of view.

People say "Come on, Nut. You can definitely do it. You're good at it".
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've heard that for thousand times
but I'm the only one who knows it, not you guys. So shut up...

[To tell the truth, I'm going to write anything I want
and I'm not care about it because I suppose that
no one will read it for the reason that it is in English. Hah!

However, no matter how bull shit the content is,
I will try to write every sentence grammatically correct
with written style instead of spoken way.
It may sound snobbish because I regard myself as "grammarian".]

[Well, I read a lot of self-improvement books
and always keep preaching my friends to
be positive, happy, conscious, always look at the good side, bla bla bla....

People always think that I'm good, smart, and reliable.
Sometimes I just wanna say "F_CK you guys, please!" (Still wanna be polite....)
I'm weak, susceptible, undecisive and irrational.

Sometimes I don't like to meet people, especially someone whom I know
because I'm sick of talking with them about myself,
what I am doing, what my goal is.
I always tell that: "Well, I'm preparing for TOEFL and GMAT right now
and wnat to pursue an MBA in the States.
I want to study at the University of Virginia,"
and they will say, "Wow, that's great. You can do it, Nut".
F_ck you! I know you are trying to be nice with me and I appreciate that.
But....... what the hell I'm doing here?
I still get stuck with my past success,
graduation with first class honor degree in economics. Crap!
I'd rather F_ck, F_ck, F_ck, F_ck everything in this world!!!!!!

Ummmmmmhhhh, I've never written anything like that above before.
It makes me feel good in weird way. Hah!
Ok. Let's stop it here........]

Well, how should I start? Ummmm....
It's apparently clear that the new format of TOEFL--iBT
is so fucking hard for Karen people like us -- I mean Thais.

Still, in my opinion, this is a good thing becaue this is what real life is!
No one is going to ask you on street "What's wrong with this sentence?"
That's crap!!! (At first, I thougt it was "crab"
which, according to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English-- LDOCE,
is a sea animal with a hard shell, five legs on each side, and two large claws.)

Okay. where am I now? At the bus stop?
That's such a lame joke of Master Obi-Wan (Some might know who I allude to.)

Oh... It's about the TOEFL.
Well, my reading and listening is superior
because I've practiced for a long time since the time I was a student.
Unfortunately, those are "passive" skills.
My writing skill is not so bad because there's time for me to prepare for it
and I can always consult my loyal and friendly dictionary--LDOCE,
and also thesaurus in Microsoft Word.

About speaking skill, it's totally hell to me. (Is there any other better word?)
Whenever I try to speak in English, there's nothing coming from my mouth.
Although I begin to talk, it always goes drying up and not smooth as it should
with lots of ummm...., well...., ahhh...., and then silence prevails...............

So do I have to take a conversation class?
Well, it may be somthing happen by luck that
while I'm writing this, my friend tells me that he's taking a conversation class.
And I certainly interest it. So I'm going to call the school tomorrow
and see what I can do about it.

I think that's all for today because if I keep writing this,
there will be nothing left for me to talk in the future.
So I had better stop it NOW!

See ya...