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February 10, 2008

First of all, is "Nate" a girl name?  I usually got bugged by mans who think I'm a girl and want to firlt with me. That made me sick!!! So I've got to clarify myself by changing my name into "Nate_straight guy". Hope you guys understand.


Okay, let's get down to business. At present, I'm preparing for TOEFL and GMAT in order to pursue an MBA in the States. So here is the best place to practice my commucination skill in English for free. Haha.


To illustrate, I'm a kind of grammarian so I try to make every sentence grammatically correct which might be annoying for you. Come on... Don't you either want to improve your English with me?


Last but not least, indeed most importantly, I'm not a gay! 

06:35 PM Nov 27 2011


sonu229Super Member!

hi. i hope, you are still not in thailand.

06:20 AM Feb 13 2008

Gianyna Chuong

Yeah. Nate is for girls. No, just kidding. I actually think it's a guy's name. NATE. Like, short for Nathan or something. Don't worry! You don't look gay AT ALL. Don't mind other people.