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July 28, 2010

I do not know what i will be Frown.And i am loss of future.Not indicate the future, how do I do? No purpose, no hope, there is a loss. I have no passion, no self-confidence, there are only duties and obligations. What is the meaning of life they going?

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05:29 PM Dec 05 2010


You never know what the future will bring to u so never give up on  your self. You are very beautiful and that is one thing that will help u in your future s u stand out from the many people that wish they were as lovely as you.

Work hard in school and many surprises may come to you and only one might be the thing that changes ur life for better things.

06:20 AM Jul 28 2010



06:19 AM Jul 28 2010


hehe 你用的是google翻译软件吧!哈哈