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December 10, 2008

I interviewed to Italian about Italy because I like Italy.  The reason was wrote at December 5th blog. 

5 friends answered my interview.  Thank you very much!  So, I’d like to write report about Italy. 

Some people answered the favorite place is Rome.  Rome is nice city I think so too.  And one person said “Umbira” is nice.  I searched this place.  The place is so wonderful view.  Please visit this site. 


And next is about food.  Almost all people said favorite traditional food is Pizza!  Also in Italy, Pizza is loved by Italian!  Maybe there are many great chefs.  Do you know “Melanzane alla parmigiana”?  It is fried slices of aubergine cooked with tomato sauce and parmisan cheese.  It looks delicious. 

In Italy, soccer and football are popular, three of four people said.  And also F1 is famous. 

I asked about Japan to Italian.  Famous food of Japan was Sushi!  Many people knew Sushi.  And also Manga was known.  I was glad to be known about Japan in another country.  

I was able to know more about Italy.  My friends answered my questions about fashion, hairstyle and Job and so on.  I could not write everything in here. 


Thank you!


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