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January 21, 2008

ASAP  As soon as possible 尽快

BF Boyfriend 男朋友

BTW By the way 随便说一下

BBL Be back later 稍后回来

BRB Be right back 很快回来

CU See you 再见

CUL See you later 下次再会

DIIK Damned if I known 我真的不知道

DS Dunce smiley 笨伯

FE For example 举例

FTF Face to face 面对面

FYI For your information 供参考

GF girlfriend 女朋友

IAE In any event无论如何

IC I see 我明白

ILY I love you 我爱你

IMHO In my humble opinion 依愚人之见

IMO In my opinion 依我所见

IOW In other words 换句话说

LOL laughing out loudly 大声笑

NRN No reply necessary 不必回信

OIC Oh, I see 哦,我知道

PEM Privacy enhanced mail 保密邮件

RSVP Reply if you please 请答复

TIA Thanks in advance 十分感谢

TTUL Talk to you later 以后再讲

TY Thank you 谢谢

VG very good 很好

WRT With respect to 关于

WYMM Will you marry me 愿意嫁给我吗

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09:38 PM Jan 22 2008


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