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November 12, 2008

Hi how are you? May I invite you to an language challenge please? Please keep on writing daily.

It is said by the researchers that Turkish is one of the most complicated languages and to observe, learn and begin to speak Turkish is improving childrens brains and cleverness. They say that Turkish children are more intelligent than their mates in other countries. Of course in spite of starting to improve brain rapidly we are loosing this advantage and being past by other countries in further studies. What do you say?

I can say the same thing with 1 word in Turkish but with 12 words in English. 

  • Turkish: Değiştiremediklerimizdenmisiniz?
  • English: Are you one of the people who we couldn't have changed yet? 

In Turkish there are too many additions to the basic word.

how about the other languages? Russian is in that way with Turkish too. Additionss. They make it difficult.


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View all entries from My interesting World >

11:00 PM Nov 12 2008



Do you mean that I can speak English irregularly, short and easy? But that way we can only describe and manage daily things and can't give the real state of the matterthat we talk about. I believe in grammatical English.

09:39 AM Nov 12 2008


 you just make it dificult if you want