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oscar guy

oscar guy


June 9, 2009

When someone disagrees with you or offends you, don’t lose your temper. Why? Because it is of no use to do so. You ought to (should) be patient and keep calm lest you should quarrel with him. You must know that patience is not cowardice, but a virtue. I hope that everybody practices it.

In addition, patience will also bring us success. When you meet with difficulties in your work, it is no use losing heart. You must keep on fighting until (till) the final victory belongs to you.
  当有人和你意见不同或开罪你的时候,你切不可发脾气。为什么?因为这样做是无用的(用of no use)。你应当忍耐并且保持冷静,唯恐和他争吵。你必须知道忍耐不是弱而是一种美德。我希望人人都实行它。


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11:34 PM Sep 30 2009

oscar guy

oscar guy

hsuan chan
,,,thanx for idear!

05:26 AM Jun 09 2009

hsuan chang

Yeah..I agree with you. When someone lose his temper ,that means he lose his mind too. He(she) may do something unreasonable, and harm to others.

  So when you feel angry about someting or someone, try to stay away from them for a while.Time can calm your soul and clear your mind.It help you to deal with your problem properly.