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December 7, 2007

it's kinda weird why im so much affected with those stolen pix.  it was actually just a pix of me and a friend. And though there's nothing wrong with that, i was offended on how it was taken and how they spread it on (hey! who the hell care if i go out with a friend?!). I felt my privacy was invaded Oh gosh! (haha.. andrama..).

maybe, i was just afraid that some may have misinterpreted what those pix shows.

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07:18 AM Jun 09 2008


that time, i actually like someone from the office and i'm afraid that he might saw the picture that i'm going out with someone else.

 but now, i dumped the guy from the office and i'm happy with the guy i'm with in the picture..

12:13 AM Mar 12 2008


Russian Federation

What's the pictures?