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April 24, 2007

                MY daughter

       A  few days ago, for making mistakes ,Father beat

 my daughter. She cried hardly.And then she said:"my

father doesn't like me! "

03:35 AM Apr 25 2007


Hello Peach,

 I know in China people often use the word "beat", I hope that they usually mean "smack".

 In Western countries, to "beat" someone is a very violent act, and the person who inflicts the beating should probably go to prison/jail.

A "smack" is like a slap to the child's bottom, or outer thigh.

 Actually, many Western countries are making laws against even smacking of your own child. A few countries in Europe have had this policy for many years already, and it seems that their society has benefited from it.

 However, I think in China that that kind of social develoment will take a lot longer.

Best wishes,


April 22, 2007

              My daughter

          My daughter is only two years old, but she's very

lovely. This Sunday, Being too busy to take care of her.

So. I sent her to her grandmother's. Nearly noon,

grandmother  had to cook, so she couldn't play with her,

this time, she cried out :" mother ,father ,where are

you ?No one look after me!"

          All the people around laughed!



April 14, 2007

  • It's the first time that I set up the blog. At here,I will write down all the things around me, include the feeling, the family and the working.Welcome to share all the feelings with me!Thanks!