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April 24, 2007

                MY daughter

       A  few days ago, for making mistakes ,Father beat

 my daughter. She cried hardly.And then she said:"my

father doesn't like me! "

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03:35 AM Apr 25 2007


Hello Peach,

 I know in China people often use the word "beat", I hope that they usually mean "smack".

 In Western countries, to "beat" someone is a very violent act, and the person who inflicts the beating should probably go to prison/jail.

A "smack" is like a slap to the child's bottom, or outer thigh.

 Actually, many Western countries are making laws against even smacking of your own child. A few countries in Europe have had this policy for many years already, and it seems that their society has benefited from it.

 However, I think in China that that kind of social develoment will take a lot longer.

Best wishes,