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June 20, 2008

1. This is it!

2.There are no hidden meanings

3.You cannot get there from here,and besides there is no place else to go.

4.Nothing lasts.

5.There is no way of getting all you want.

6.You cannot have anything unless you let go of it.

7.You only get to keep what you give away.

8.There is no particular reason why you lost out on some things.

9.The world is not necessarily just.Being good often does not pay off and there is no compensation for misfortune.

10.You have a responsibility to do your best nonetheless.

11.It is a random universe to which we bring meanings.

12.You don’t really control anything.

13.You cannot make anyone love you.

14.No one is any stronger or any weaker than anyone else.

15.Everyone is,in his own way, vulnerable.

16.There are no great men/women.

17.If you have a hero, look again;you have diminished yourself in some way.

18.All of you is worth something,if you will only own it.

19.Childhood is a nightmare.

20.Love is not enough,but it sure helps.

21.We have only ourselves,and one another.That may not be much,but that is all there is.

22.How strange,that so often,it all seems worth it.

23.We are responsible for evetything we do.

24.No excrses will be accepted.

25.You can run,but you cannot hide.

26.We must learn the power of living with our helplessness.

27.The only victory lies in surrender to oneself.

28.You are free to do whatever you like.You need only face the consequences.

29.What do you know—for sure—anyway?

30.Learn to forgive yourself,again and again.

12:49 AM Jun 20 2008



     Look at this article,I am very enjoy it.So decision put it here share to everyone.

June 20, 2008

   There was this guy who loved two gals at the same time but he didn’t know which one he loved more.Someone taught him.    

      Ask yourself this question and answer it honestly:“When you are happy,which gal would you want share your happiness with?”    

      The one you think of is someone you love.    Ask yourself another question and answer it honestly:“When you are sad,which gal you want to share your burden with?”    

      The one you think of is also someone you love.    If you think of the same gal when you are happy and sad,that’s the most perfect.But if you don’t think of the same gal,I would advise you to choose the one you are willing to share your sadness with.   

      In life,there are more sorows than happiness.Theere are too many people that you meet that you can share your happiness with,not necessarily your lover.If you live your life happily,you can also enjoy it alone.    

     In sadness,however,there are not many people willing to share your burden with you.If you are willing to tell someone your sadness,I am sure that person has got to be someone close and an understanding person to you.    But it shouldn’t stop there.If that person only thinks of you when she is happy,but looks for someone else when she is sad,this lover is too unstable.She doesn’t treat you as someone she can spend the rest of her life with.    

      Of course,I will be very happy if I am the first person to share her happiness.But,if she is sad,I will be too willing to stay by her side and ease her pain.Only then,will I believe that I hold a very important position in her heart.If you are sad,who comes to your mind first?