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March 12, 2008

Debbie Hart is going to swim across the Engish Channle tommorow.She is going to set out from the French coast at five o'clock in the morning.Debbie is only eleven years old and she hopes to set up a new world record .She is a strong swimmer and many people feel that she is sure to succeed.Debbie's father will set out with her in a small boat.Mr.Hart has trained his daughter for years .Tommorow he will be watching her anxiously as she swims the long distance to England.Debbie intends to take short rests every two hours .During that time she will have something to drink but she will not eat any solid food .Most of Debbie's school friends will be waiting for her on the English coast .Among them will be Debbie's mother ,who swam the channle herself when she was a girl.

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