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March 19, 2008

‘do you call that a hat?’i said to my wife . ‘you needn't be so rude about it,’my wife answered as she looked at herself in the mirror. i sat down on one of those modern chairs with holes in it and waited.we had been in the hat shop for half an hour and my wife was sitll in front of the mirror. ‘we mustn't buy things we do not need,’i remarked suddenly .But i regretted saying it almost at once. ‘you needn't have said that,’my wife answered.‘i needn't remind you of that terrible tie you bought yestoday.’ ‘i find it beautiful,’i said .‘a man can never have too many ties.’ ‘and a woman cann't have too many hats,’she answered. ten minutes later we walked out of the shop together.my wife was wearing a hat that looked like a lighthouse.

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