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November 28, 2009

Well..... Now thinking... in how all the things i've seen and felt has become in only

the past And now thinking in how can i be prepared? to let you go...... And just spend all this time in the loneliness.........

i know you will be back soon, but you know that i can't live with out you, Only 3 weeks have passed since you left me,

and i can't stop thinking about you ♥LINA♥ you know that i love you and i guess you do it too so...

all my new year wishes is only be with you to have your arms on my shoulder and fell you breath in my face

I mIiSs YoU.....♥

But thanks god is not forever and i know that in january 12 i will have you in my arms, kissing you until my lips feel so tired of your sweet nectar......................

                                      ♥♥I LOVE YOU LINA♥♥♥












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05:17 PM Nov 29 2009


yeah, she will be back soon Sealed