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January 3, 2010

7 years is not a short period

these years i have experienced a variety of instances

which are consisted of joys and sorrows

most memories have faded away as time goes by


some dreadfully sweet and bitter affairs

are still lingering in my mind

notwithstanding i don't memorize them on purpose

they have become one of my precious possessions

still remember

the guy who "hijacted" me on the way home

still remenber

run with someone in the hill after class without pressure

the first time i escaped the class with L but come across a snake

when played with W, a dog melted down the misunderstanding between us

spending almost a whole night walking around the county with highschoolmates

meeting fellows from different places on campus,which lead me to a marvelous college life

hey , you!

still remember me?

i am not the girl you used to know

i have grown up with reaping huge fruits

i am still here despite of many  unexpectable obstacles

thus no matter what happens, i will keep on going

09:32 AM Apr 18 2012

United Arab Emirates

hi pody nice c ur coment hou r u where r u ,iam vicky from dubai,hou is ur stady,

July 25, 2008

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July 25, 2007

    I will be back after four years,and no longer live so dull!

    Maybe someone will think that is impossible,but for me that is ture !I will change myself!
    My life will be full of diffent things,it will no longer as monotonous as before !

    It sounds unbelieveable ,but it's possible!

    When my dream comes ture, that is the way which I choose!

    But that needs my action not only speak out!