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Saudi Arabia

May 24, 2007

I wrote this cause I think this's the time to say it fore the all..it's the time which we wait it for along time.. this's it.. why we're running from the truth?. the truth which teach us how can we deal with this life..sometimes we sit in our rooms and fall down from crying.. sometimes we breaking and act that there's nothing happen to break us.. sometimes we talk and laugh but from the inside we can't stand for an other day.. now you think if your talking the truth why everybody running away when they hear this?.yea they're running and you'll running with them if you try it yourself.. yea you'll try the love in one day so you'll remember my words in that day.. you can make it true and you can try it  yourself but I'm gonna tell you something now : the love bearing from nothing and die by anything..

  the love fill by hurt , by sacrifice , by pain , by love , by sweet and by nothing to get...

you know if you love yourself and you trust in yourself you'll never feel in weakness if the person that you love get you wrong cause you do the right thing in anytime you need him...... you know we should learn from this life and we should know if there's no helper the best helper is God.. cause he knows us and he helps us in anytime we need him in it but remember always : the beginning of wisdom is the fear of God..

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04:57 PM May 28 2007



Believe  in science.

Trust in humanity.

Humans should be good to each other. Obviously, humanity has not learned many lessons from the wars and terrible in-humane acts during our several thousand years of recorded history.

It's sad, but I still have hope that the whole world will oneday hold hands in peace.

I think belief in any Gods or mysticism is just someone's way of trying to have power over other people. It is not necessary to follow organised religion.

Perhaps, spiritual beliefs, such as Buddhism, are better.

But, humanism is another better alternative I think.

I hope you all have a happy and successful life, whereever you may be, and under whatever political and religious system you must live.