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June 23, 2010

There  are no friends in my life?

What if, i'm not me?

What if, I had no memories?

What if, I have no hope?

What if, I stopped breathing now..........

As I sit and think of all the what if's.......

I thank GOD for all the joys in my life!

Uncertainities do arise, we just have to be strong and live life

fully as if it were the last minute!

January 13, 2009


Across the miles

I wish you happiness with smiles

And hope that my prayer

will keep you close to my heart.

As long as roses are red

This friend will be true.

Millions of different heartbeats

yet one big friendship with you!

Love you all....

01:58 AM Jan 13 2009

amit srivastava

hi i am also indian

May 17, 2008

Its another beautiful day, I woke up and saw the sun shinning, I smiled and walked out, the birds were singing and the flowers were dancing. I walked on happily with the wind around me, this is life I thought and all of a sudden came the rain, pouring down ceaselessly, I got drenched, I was chilled and soggy, Pooh! I came to a conclusion, the weather is just like my mood, happy now then sad, cheerful now then angry, satisfied now then crave for more..... Whatever be, Thank you rain, for making me pause!

10:11 PM Sep 27 2008



beautifully written.... i like it...