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April 1, 2008

Morning comes and I must go, day is breaking yonder, after all the places I have been, now I am going home...And the time has come ,I don't know why, now i am going home.

Ah! Where is the answer to so many questions.....I don't know, and i can't stop my endless wondering, where is the meaning of my world?I see the answer now.

Through the cool and summer rains, by the hearth side fire, i'll be with you when nothing remains I am home to stay.

For love is the answer to so many questions,

love gives the meaning to my world.. I see the answer now. Love...

March 6, 2008

Cool"Laugh so hard that even sorrow smiles at you,

Live so well that even death would love to see you live.

Fight so hard that even fate accepts its defeat."

Wishing all the lovely people around the world -

A GOOD LIFE !!!!Laughing


11:07 PM Mar 06 2008


love really is down to a chemical addiction between people,both love someone and to be loved are happy,but don't loose yourself.

happy everday and never give up to pursuit your happiness. You will be the best!:P  

10:53 PM Mar 06 2008


Iran, Islamic Republic Of


how are you?????

what are you doing?????????????????Laughing