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my interesting blOog!! jojojo

kari salmeron


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October 31, 2009

well!! i am a good persOon!!! friendly!!, funny, amm etc!...

i like meet new persons of different contries...

i like all kind of music, rock, metall, pop etc...

i speak spanish! and for this my english no is good hahaha!! U_U but i wait that i learn fast!, with your help hehehehe.... okii thats all....

nos vemos!! adioss!! - see uu!! byee! :)

sing me! please! - firmenme! por favor!

06:51 AM Nov 07 2009


United States

hi kari you speak english well and you can introduce yourself.that's very good.

can you speak with me to develop our english skills. good by 

take care of yourself