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January 4, 2008

     In the process of learning a language our mind acts like a quality system. It means that to be able to process  the language properlly, it should have an  input as well as an out put.

     The input needs to be provided through reading texts, listening to tapes,watching films or talking to someone at higher level of language proficiency. The input should  be continous. Remember the amount of input you received when you learned your mother tongue.

   The output is also highly important because learning a language is like acquiring a habit.Habits are formed through repetition. Therefore, to accustom our vocal system to produce a set of new sounds and also to be able to overcome the psychological problems and barriers that almost all second language learners have,we need to have output. The output is often provided through speaking and writing.The more output you have the more at ease you feel with the language.

Finally,like in any quality system you have to have a feedback from your output.It means that for example, if you want to say somthing but you dont know how to say it,it is probablly because the  input you receive is not enough.

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Great explanation,thanks.