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May 7, 2011

My Dear friends,

    Back to you again after very long period of absence...

Today I have a new topic which need to be discussed and every one show his own point of view..

If we exchange our opinions all of us will get benifit. and as usual we will enjoy discussing the matter together...

The topic which I brought to you today is " Why do People Lie?"

If you look around, you will find many people who lie many times during the day. In fact, it is said that almost all people on this planet lie at some or other point of their life. It is believed that the circumstances prevailing at that moment compels the people to lie. In most of the cases, people lie to protect their personal interests. However, there are people who lie to deceive others while, some others are just addicted to lying. There are many who lie in order to avoid any sort of criticism from the society. Given in the next paragraphs are the reasons why people lie in relationships.

Why People Lie in Relationships?

It can be quite difficult to understand why people lie about themselves in relationships. The prime reason for this may be, that they fear that their partner would leave them if they open up their secrets. People lie in relationships to keep the negative aspects of their personality hidden from their partners. Many people do not admit about their past relationships or an extra martial affair, as they do not want their partner to interfere in their daily activities. The reason why people lie and cheat in relationships is because they have an inferiority complex and would not want their partners to know about it. Fear in the minds is responsible for making the people lie. For example, a man may lie about his financial position, annual earnings and assets to keep his relationship stable with a woman. Here, the fear is of the woman walking out of the relationship, if she comes to know about the truth. The most amusing thing is that people lie even though they know that they will get exposed at some point of their life. However, the lie spoken gives temporary relief and a false sense of achievement and being smart, which these people enjoy.

Why People Lie at Work?

There are many reasons for the question - why do people lie at work? The cut to throat competition to complete the tasks and achieve the higher positions, often makes people tell a lie. A lie is also used by many people for bad mouthing the rival employees, to gain their position or get ahead of them. Giving false reasons for not completing the targets is observed in many places. People also lie at the work place for improving their poor image. Many people lie for making quick financial gains. For example, a shop owner may lie to his customers about the quality of the goods he has been selling.

Some More Reasons for Why People Lie

The reasons why people lie and manipulate may not be negative always. In some cases, a lie is spoken to ensure the well being of a person. In many situations, one does not have the time to explain the entire situation to the opposite person and convince him that what is being done is right. In many cases, a lie can help to control a particular situation from worsening.


Thus, we conclude that understanding why people lie psychology, is very difficult. However, a lie spoken for a good purpose should not be looked upon as a dishonest behavior. Still, as far as possible, we should avoid lying as it creates a bad impression and makes it difficult for the other people to trust us.
please if you want to add a comment  or if you have an opinion let us know it. waiting for your participations.


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