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what do you think about tattoos?




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November 19, 2009

Personally , I llike tattoos, even thoug I do not tattoo my body anymore , I have a couple of them in my arms , back , and legs , I know that not everybody likes them, so what do you think about tattoos? and what do you thin about people who have tattoos?

12:51 PM Dec 20 2009



Well, personally I love tattoos:) I want to have one since the age of 16 but I am the most undecided person on the world:) And It is like that : I pick a pattern and put it at the wall in my room, and wait about a month, If I still like it it will be my tattoo. But as I told you since the age of 16 any pattern didn't survive on my wall longer than 2 weeks:) 


I don't want to make a mistake. cause tatoos is a decision for all life. And I am very very happy I didnt do as my friend di, cause I would have some stupid bird or frog on my back :)


Currently on my wall is a  sketch of a little butterfly in 3D :)

05:47 AM Nov 20 2009



that's true tattoo is an art. it all depends on culture, BUT  I read in the bible and there is a paragraph it says tattoos are against God principles.

05:03 PM Nov 19 2009


Tattoo is an art, it's has its own beauty. I've read about a celebrity and her tattoos and that she was getting kind of regret of them. You better think twice of it. I love temporary tattoo..hahah..........