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aBeeR ~

aBeeR ~

Saudi Arabia

July 28, 2010

Today I am very, very sad

Test results have emerged ...

not good .. never !

oh god ’ I am tired :(

why ! Why is this happening to me ?

I have done my best in order to succeed .

I do not know !!!

Disappointed all my :(

 I hope that the most successful on Saturday , I have another chance

and I hope that God Iovgueni ~




In God's care :)

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06:11 PM Jul 28 2010


sorry for that :((

i had finished my uni exams ,

and all of stuffs , so im tired too...

anyway ...Gook luck for you !!

you will do it well on saturday :)

05:09 PM Jul 28 2010


Saudi Arabia

I'm sorry to hear that !. It's really awful feeling. I can feel that.

We all seek Allah's help. Specially when we do our part of working. Hope you do better in the coming test and Inshallah you succeed. 

btw, what type of test is it ? 

Good luck 

04:22 PM Jul 28 2010



Whish you the best Abeer. Be patient and work harder and you ll get the  good marks. however, we all got the bad marks ^.^  . May allah help you. just be optimiste for the coming exams

03:39 PM Jul 28 2010


Saudi Arabia

لا تزعلي ياعبير

أهم شي انك سويتي الي عليك


02:09 PM Jul 28 2010

the best killer
Saudi Arabia

Hi Abeer,

first of all  don't be sad my sister because what happend is alreday happend you can't do to it anything and you have another chance don't miss it and don't spend all of your time blameing yourself why i did that if i did or and so on thats really bad coz you will spend your time with no advantage so now go and preper yourself for the next staerday and don't miss it my sister ok i know its hard for you but try to forget this thing and as i said preper for the next time ok.

وراح اقول لك حاجه تخليك مبسوطه شوي وتخليك تنسين الي انتي فيه انتي ربي يحبك تدرين ليه الحديث يقول ان الله اذا احب عبدا ابتلاه وانتي ربي ابتلاك يعني يحبك تأملي خير ياخوك وانشالله امورك طيبه والله يوفقك واي خدمات انا مستعد والله يوفقك دين ودنيا واخره