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aBeeR ~

aBeeR ~

Saudi Arabia

July 29, 2010

the best killer /

آمين الله يخليهم لي ويخلي لك وآلديييك بصحه وعافيه إن شآاء الله  : )
ويخليك لهم : )

ما عاد به شدة حيل ! خلاص
بشوف تقديم الواسطه يوم السبت وش يصير عليها .. و إن شآاء الله خير : )
يعطيك العآافيه أخوي : )


East-Bird /

yaeh . . . right

It is already very bad : (

On Saturday, i would not go to university for the test .. no !
I'll go for the university that once again offer [ Through an intermediary ]

 Understood ?

I will say something : )

Maybe say you that the mediator is a good thing
But I see in some cases reverse this !

We'll see what happens ..

I hope that things go best case ... Was tired of this situation : (

Thank you my brother
[ I wish you success and happiness in your life and the hereafter : ) ]

Thanks again ~

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04:08 AM Jul 31 2010


Saudi Arabia

It's ok dude .. there is nothing to be sorry of. And it's really to remind each other of such things that we maybe forget about it sometimes ! 

thanks for your time .. and nice talking with ya 

02:59 AM Jul 31 2010

the best killer
Saudi Arabia

my Brother first of all i'm really sorry if i annoy you really sorry for that.

 and i get your point its really clear and you are rigth i shouldn't take it Literal espisaly when we are speaking in english but i was trying to gave you an advice as a help from borther to brother i really don't know what to say anyway sorry agine for that.

take care brother

04:51 AM Jul 30 2010


Saudi Arabia

Dear brother,

I really appreciate your concern.  However, you shouldn't take things literally and find the literal equivalence in arabic. The meaning is obvious, which is that you do your best and leave the rest on Aallah. It's like if we want allah's Twofeeg and answer of our prayer, we should do our part fully and pray allah...

Brother, you shouldn't be over sensitive in these thing. Specially I'm speaking in English.  When we speak in English, sometimes we don't know how to explain an idea literally which is in arabic. So we go around seeking to get as much closer to the meaning as possible... I hope you got my point ..

Good luck and thanks a lot anyway for you notification. May Allah keeps us on the right away. God Bless ya 


08:21 PM Jul 29 2010


Saudi Arabia

Today is Friday. Pray as much as you can and hope allah answers your prayers !

It's real problem here that so many girls suffer when they apply to universities that they get rejected though they've a high degree .. !!!! 

 You do your part of prayers and let the rest on Allah

Hope we all here hear a good news tomorrow :)

Good luck sis