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February 21, 2008

yesterday was the chinese latern's fetival ,and all chinese ppl enjoyed it last night.

we chinese ppl like to eat "yuanxiao"(dumplings served especially for the occasion made from glutinous rice flour and stuffed with sweet fillings ) last night but the meaning of the holiday is not the food itself but the time all families spending together.

also some ppl 'd like to make riddles and others try to guess the answers.

the most interesting thing for me is the laterns. i like enjoying seeing them coz they are nice and beautiful .you ,together with your family or your gf or bf ,go into the street and join the crowded and enjoy the time.

happy latern's day to all of you!

January 31, 2008

This morning I got an email from a philippine guy with some photos .it seems that he does know me and wanna be my friend.

The problem is that I cannot remember him.So what should I do?

For politeness' sake ,I answered his letter.Anyway it's nice to make new friends.