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Rio choi

Rio choi

South Korea

March 30, 2010

 Do you have a girlfriend now? If your answer is yes, do you have a good relationship with her? If your answer is no, why? Why don't you have a good relationship with her? What is the problem of your relationship? Money? Another girl? Today, I want to talk about maintaining with your girlfriend. If you follow these three steps, you can have a good relationship with her. 

First, we have to listen and be silent. Have you fought with your girlfriend? or have you argued about some problem with her? If your answer is yes, why do you fight and argue with her? Do you know the reason? Maybe, I think you don't know. Now we look at your argument. Your girlfriend had just told you, but you cut in her talk and you spoke your opinion. At first, problem is very small. But your action caused her to be angry and the result is a big problem. Do you know why the problem became bigger than the first? Because you don't consider her. Women are different from men. They want men to respect them and listen to their opinion. For example, if a girl's opinion is incorrect, we can choose either two situations. One insisting your opinion is correct. And then you make a big problem and you get a headache because she is very angry or doesn't talk with you. Second, you keep quiet and listen to her. Maybe she would tell you all her opinion. She will relent and admit that she is incorrect. What do you think about this? Are you sympathetic? We need to wait for her by listening and being silent. It is important you maintain a good relationship with her. 

Second, men are not God but most men think that they are God. So they always solve problem. But girls don't want God. They want friend like their best friend. For example, if she is in a bad situation, she wants to talk about it. So, she finds someone to share her thoughts. She will tell you first because you are her boyfriend and she wants you to sympathize. You could make a solution and advise her continually but take note that she is not foolish. Maybe she already knows solution and she wants to have homogeneity. Kind of now, if you have this situation you answer her, " I know your heart and I feel the same. I think your are in a very hard situation now. We can think about this together." After that, she loves you more than before. Because she is sure you are her real boyfriend and best friend. Now, she will tell her heart to you. 

Finally, remembering even trivial things is a girl's unique character. Men don't do that. On the other hand, Why don't you try talking advantage of this situation? I may sound a little weird(strange) but here is what I mean...... You and your girlfriend pass by a store, then she sees something and say, "It is beautiful." Men just usually admires but in a girl's case, maybe she wants to tell you I want to buy. If you remember this and you give her a gift, she would be the happiest girl in the whole world. Now you may ask me, "How can I remember?" Write and always show concern. No pain, no gain. We have to do our best! 

I have given you three tips already and I have more tips, but I think these three are enough for maintaining a good relationship with your girlfriend. Do you get my point? Although these points are important, the most important thing is you love her. You understand her and compromise. If she feels she is the girl whom you love dearly, you succeeded! I hope you and your girlfriend always have a good relationship. Take care! 

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09:09 PM Mar 30 2010


United States

hahaahhahahahhahahaaaaaaa..... this is the funniest thing i have read lately :D:D:D

Thank u!!!