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December 19, 2007

  Now I will tell a story.Long long ago, There was a man who was the richest . One day ,he went to climb a moutain where was around by cloudy and fog.This moutain iwas very hard to be climbed.but the rich man was't scared.In the end ,he went to the top of the moutain.he found that there was too beautiful to he did't want to leave.then he had a good idea.At last he came home.and he invested the moutain to spend much money,the moutain became more beautiful than ever.then smoothly there are many pepole to visit it .and at last more and more pepole came here.then he bulit up a trip company,and his company expanded from one to ten.he was so successful that many reporters  went to interview him.he said "I success that I dare to try.To my experience ,I think that the basis of success is daring to try.but first you must consider that it's valuable to invest.



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