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July 9, 2013

I just successfully defended my bachelor thesis. Now what? My whole family and friends ask about my plans for the future. We'll see...- I answer. But I really don't know. Really. So maybe we'll see...

09:41 AM Jul 11 2013

Miguel A. Escobar E.

Well, we´ll see the day you find it out!

09:42 AM Jul 09 2013


Saudi Arabia

Nobody really knows what the future holds. Nobody.
some might claim and say I want to. . I will . . etc etc.
but, deep inside they too are unsure just as you are.

 after all that is a good Answer. - We'll see

Its sounds like a Courageous Woman. 
most Importantly you do not let words of discouragement enter you from others,, telling people about your passions,, desires etc. :)