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rudi setiawan


June 10, 2010

when I want to get the goals that I want probably not many businesses that I have to do to get it. what's the purpose of our lives if it is ultimately only the world expects it, because when we had the world holding nothing else we can try other than waiting death, Death, is a scary thing for some people, but things are looking for the companions of Muhammad, because someone with martyrdom will easily to enter the paradise of Firdaus. Is there someone who dares to do so today?
As the world becomes all the goals will never be finished to get, because it is a basic human is not satisfied with the existing ones.
but when we believe that everything we do only for Allah, every difficulty would be no roads, even roads that we never anticipated.

"... and God was the one who gives sustenance from the direction of the

unexpected .."

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08:40 PM Jun 10 2010


the best thing in life