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rudi setiawan


June 21, 2010

Many Muslims who take the theory of people who are outside of Islam to cope with stress, whereas Islam has given BEST solution for avoiding and 'solve' (to manage) stress. Identified, a lack of understanding about Islam, that caused them to take non-Islamic ways to solve problems they encounter who.

There are ones define GF = a motion made by a people who do not like Islam, as an effort to attack Islam by destroying the minds of people. Vicarious actions of the form:
- Tasywih  = falsify the teachings of Islam
- Tadhlil   = misleading Muslims
- Tasykik  = cast doubt on the Islamic teachings

This third act done nothing to extinguish the light of Islam.

What do you think about that?

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10:03 PM Jun 21 2010

rudi setiawan

Thank about your motivation.

Let's together change the world with our article.