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February 7, 2009

nowadays, you hear about Israel more than anything else, and it's back to the lastest war has Israel done against Hamas militant in Gaza stripe and "as usual"  innocents people have killed "kids, women and oldmen".

Today, i'm coming with some pictures i've created by photoshop...saying my opinion in a state like Israel:


                                 The Real Terrorists


                                    Free Palestine


                                   The End by Sam


                                  Independence Day



February 4, 2009

last week, i received the english copy of letter that sent to the Israeli ambassador in France by the historian Andre Nouschi... here you are:

Subject: FW: A Letter to the Israeli ambassador in France, from the historian Andre Nouschi.

Below is a letter from the historian Andre Nouschi to the Israeli ambassador in France. Professor Nouschi is 83 and was born of Jewish parents in the city of Constantine in Algeria. He was lecturer in the University of Tunis and is honorary professor in the University of Nice.

January 3rd 2009

Mr Ambassador,

It is Shabbat for you today. It ought to be a day of peace but it is one of war. For me, since many years, the colonisation and theft of Palestinian lands infuriates me. I'm writing to you as a) Frenchman b) a Jew and c) one of the drafters of the agreements between the universities of Nice and Haifa.

I find it impossible to keep to myself the politics of assassinations and the imperialist expansion of Israel. You are acting exactly like Hitler did in Europe with Austria and Czechoslovakia. You scorn the UN resolutions like Hitler did those of the League of Nations and you assassinate women and children with impunity; no one is exempt from punishment. Do not talk to me of the bomb attacks and the Intifida. All that is the result of your ILLEGITIMATE and ILLEGAL colonisation. WHICH IS THEFT. You behave like land thieves and you turn your back on the laws of the Jewish moral code.

Shame on you! Shame on Israel! You dig your tomb without realising it - for you are condemned to live with the Palestinians and the Arab States. If you're short of this political intelligence, then you are unworthy to be involved in politics and your leaders must retire. A country that assassinates Rabin, a country that glorifies its assassin is a country without morals and without honour.

May the heavens and your God put to death Sharon the assassin. You have suffered a defeat in Lebanon in 2006. You shall suffer more defeats, I hope, and you shall send to death young Israelis because you don't have the courage to make peace.

How can the Jews who suffered so much, imitate their Nazi executioners? For me, since 1975, colonisation brings back old memories - those of Hitler. I do not see any difference between your leaders and those of Nazi Germany.

Personally, I would fight you with all my might, as I did between 1938 and 1945, until human justice destroys Hitlerism which is at the core of your country. Shame on Israel. I hope your God will smite your leaders with the vengeance they deserve. I am ashamed to be a Jew, freedom fighter of WWII.Freedom fighter for you.

May your God curse you to the end of the centuries. I hope you will be punished.

Andre Nouschi - honorary professor of the University of Nice.