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March 25, 2016
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I was at sixes and sevens

I almost freaked out

My heart hardened

My mind got twisted

Was it a result of tiredness?

Or was it a display of my displeasing colour?

I could hardly grasp

I could hardly bear

Those things I felt perhaps a trial

A trial of my faith

A trial of my vocation

Good thing I have this rooted inner calmness

I made to weigh things

I made to chill myself

Was it a part of your plan God?

Or was it just a mere happening?

I was really confused

And became listless for a day

Thank you God for the next day

I made to transcend the previous day

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06:34 AM Apr 05 2016


Thank you dear Kevin! I will make another poems when I am sad again.hehe

03:16 PM Apr 03 2016



Hey, I ve been reading your poems they are really nice, I see that trought them you express how you feel day by day. I hope you can write more always inspired in your daily life. :D