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May 8, 2007

i'm writing this blog from my school:)

i'm really worrying about university which i should i go.

i wanna study about international relations.

there are many many universitys which i can learn in Japan.

so i can't decide!!!!!

what should i do?????

02:55 AM Aug 21 2008


I also think your university should be the one you think first . By the way my name is erhan I am new in this site please accept me as a friend, because I have to improve my english

12:14 PM Jan 20 2008


Saudi Arabia

Hi Satomi how are ?my niack name is qj iam from KSA now iam student in high school and this will be the last year and iam like you .iam still cannot choose which collge i want to study in . any way nise to meet you and i wish to be your friend........Smile


05:06 AM May 24 2007

Jason hou

  You already chose the direction, I think which univerity is now very importmant, you will be excellent if you study hard no matter which universty you are!


09:34 AM May 21 2007

Bosnia and Herzegovina

choose first one u think about :D

Later,if u get sorry about it... blame me cozz im the owner of this stupid idea ^^

May 3, 2007

It's 21:21 in japan.

i was playng basketball and volleyball out side just now.

i love playing sports! Also i love watching sports!

sports is my enjoyment. i can ged rid of my stress:)


what kind of sports do you love to play or watch?

please tell me!

see you soon...

07:31 PM May 05 2007

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

My favorite sport is basketball which i used to play.Most of Iranian intrested in japanese culture too.It's my dream to talk with you.

06:05 PM May 04 2007


 all the japanese gilrs  nice like you ?

01:46 PM May 03 2007

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

konnichiwa satomi san


u r right.

 doing sport activity is the best way to overcome stress

i am jogging every morning and go swimming in the afternoon

take care


April 30, 2007

it is my first time to write this blog.

ok, this time, i introduce my self.

im seventeen years old, japanese highschool student, and live in Sapporo.

im going to go to America to study English in July. i wanna live in N.Y. because it is very big city and there are many kind of people.

i love listning music, watching sports, and shopping. my favorite group is simple plan. and i love to watch soccer, basketball, and american football.

i have three people and a dog in my family. my dog name is Mint. i love my family very much. and my family loves me, of coruse.

well, im very sleepy now. so i'll go to bet....

see ya, and good night:)


08:08 PM May 02 2007


United States

I'm Rom, from Seattle, Washington, USA.

Nice to hear that you will come USA.

Have a good day on this trip.



10:51 PM May 01 2007

ilshin lee
South Korea

hi~ I live in Seoul in korea.

nice meet to you. Will you going to go to N.Y. in July?

That sound is very good.

Have a nice trip and for your dream.