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In this life

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sehne zurich

Viet Nam

November 2, 2008

From now on i will introduce to all of u about Vietnam through my eyes_ a vietnamese. this series include many parts each part is one of my view about Vietnam. I am not sure to cover all things that happened and is happening but i think i can improve my writing from this blog.And it will be suitable for the title :in this life. I also enclose some pics that i took myselft and hope that these pics would prove effectively wht i say. this series call "TALK VIETNAM". I based on one show in which they-foreigners- talk about vietnam. They have lived in Vietnam or been to Vietnam just for studies and works. I dont expect all of u to welcome these entries after that. Just real blogs, keeping my journals and thoughts.

And now we will start with the 1st part : Language ( Vietnamese- Tieng Viet)...

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