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sehne zurich

Viet Nam

November 3, 2008

       I have to say, yes, vietnamese is awaresome like other languages in the world. I find it interesting and nice to learn. U can feel the same with ur language, too. And now there r some characters that i see in my mother tounge. Let’s see wht they r.       

Firstly, we use Latin alphabets like a, b, c, d, e… but we don’t use some letters in this alphabet such as f, j, w, z. Insteads, we add some other letters like ă,â,ô,ơ,ư. So, we have totally 29 letters in our alphabet. Some ppl think vietnamese seems to like chinese, korean or japanese. But i am sure it’s different from the others. U can learn how to pronounce Vietnamese words like a child but might not u understand the meanings of the sentences. I have experimenced in learning chinese. I can read pinyin flowwed by chinese words but i may not understand the meanings of the words i read if i don’t know that words. It is difficult to write Hanzi. I can read pinyin but indeed i don’t understand anything. Now here i don’t count the diffirences in pronounciation. So just it is always hard to learn a new language right?        

Secondly, Vietnamese doesn’t have accent in each word. So if u wanna understand the sentences u have to know each word. It is easy for some to misunderstand the meanings if they cant hear all the words in one sentence. In english u don’t need to hear all the words because of connections (liasions) between 2 words and speed of speech. But u cant do the same with vietnamese. U need to be understood and to understand wht other r saying, too. We also have rthyms in our language. U may use ur feelings to express wht ur thinking. One of the reason is that we have 5 tones in Vietnamese which u can see in one poem below.       

Thridly, we don’t have solid structure like in english. Grammar in vietnamese if u don’t need to master deeply, is easy to use. I feel it a little bit like spanish’s in some way. We don’t need to change the word from single into plural, or verbs for each subject as english. So if u know one word, it is still be that word, just one word sometimes has some diffirent meanings. But this prob always happens to other languages as well.

Andnow i will give u an example of vietnamese. How it looks like and how we write it also. This poem written by one Spanish poest named Garcia Lorca

Từ biệt

Nếu tôi chết đi

Xin cứ để ban công  rộng mở

Em nhỏ đang ăn trái cam

Từ trên ban công tôi còn được thấy

Những người gặt mùa đi gặt lúa mì

Từ trên ban công tôi còn được nghe

Nếu tôi chết đi

Xin cứ để ban công rộng mở.

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