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sehne zurich

Viet Nam

December 22, 2008

Well, as u know, there'r many motobikes in Vietnam nowadays. The reason why i choose this topic is so simple. I'd like to tell u some special things that you might not know before in any countries in the world, even in our big neighbor China!

I got some pics of our transportation with many many motobikes that were running on the main roads in Hanoi or parking in the yard of our university.If i can say that it's so terrible when u'r stuck in the streets with many cars and motobikes around u. If only i could show you some pics (because my PC got problem, i needed to install one of my hard disks so i lost all my pics. I think i will show you later.). Stucking in rush hours is always bad experience that you may get in Vietnam. We even dont have school yard as its meaning because almost our spaces r for parking. :(

I'm really afraid of traffic in Vietnam. You can see many nice streets in big cities but it is hard to travel some far villages in the top north of vietnam or some countryside. Third quater of Vietnam square is mountain and highland. Transportations r developing but it still exist some problems. We dont have many airports just in big cities like Hanoi, Da nang, Ho Chi Minh,...Tourists may get some troubles with traffic but we believe that Vietnam is still one of the great destinations.

There's no place in the world you can see so many motobikes and no where you can feel annoyed with trafic problem as u'r in VIetnam. Remeber to wear helmet when you'r in any motobike and take care under circumstances. :) But anyways, i swear u'r still alive in the days you'r here.



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