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sehne zurich

Viet Nam

February 5, 2009

Happy Spring festival! Happy Tet! Happy new year 2009!

U will wonder why i said that. Vietnam, also China, follows lunar calendar besides solar calendar in western countries. That’s why we celebrated new year, our main new year, lately abt one month. That’s tradditional custom when we have 2 weeks for tet holiday. As the habit of other ppl, everyone from anywhere would come back their home for preparing coming new year. I was so excited when i came back my hometown on Dec.,22th. That was really great time when i could be with my family.

There’s not many differences between the lunar calendar and solar calendar. Lunar calendar that means we count date time following the movement of The moon around The Earth. The date that we usually use everyday bases on the movement of the Earth on The Sun’s orbit. But not like solar calendar, lunar calendar is not stable and may change every year. For ex, we can celebrate new year ( the 1st day of new year) in lunar calendar while the date of solar calendar may be on Feb, 26th like this year.

I’m not sure wht  ppl who almost from western countries would do in new year but in Vietnam there’s a lot of things to do. We also redecorate our houses to welcome coming new year, have big meal on the day of new year Eve and following days as well. We stay with other members of our family to wait for new year or go out/ walk around the city or even stand near special places where we can see fireworks at 0.00 am. That’s really great time, i’m sure u feel that,too. Everyone all welcomes new year and hopes good things. The 1st day of new year,the Vietnamese usually spend time visiting pagodars/temples to pray for lucks and prosperty. And it’s also the time for visiting our relatives staring with old ppl in our family like grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts. Etc.The following days r time for friends/ collagues...We can hang out, visit each other. But not always likes that, it depends and can be changed.All commercial activities r not working anymore. Then they ( business ppl/ companies..) will choose someday in new year that they consider as lucky day for new starting ( khai xuan). The streets seems to be empty not like usual days.

One day is for “hoa vang” that means the day is to make everything be usual, no tet anymore. We dont have to prepare many things to “ancestors”( who died) in altar anymore. (i think it’s good for housewives as well when they’r really hard for preparing meals for whole family :)). On that day, there’s a big big meal so that everyone ( usually, relatives or best friends who r invited) to taste.

It’s special holiday that we expect most. The time for family and friends especially for those who r far away from home for a long time to take time come back......

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