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sehne zurich

Viet Nam

July 18, 2010

Dear K,


I would not expect that you could find this profile or this blog somewhere else on Google. If you type “Sehne” at random, you may find me, yet, it would not happen because I know there is no any reason for you to do so. I’m writing here to a friend I know from a web. The one I could guess where he is studying in now. The one who was vey funny and thought I hated him so much. The one whose given name begins with an K but never told me his last name. K, you know that, even u told me ur last name, it didn’t matter because your last name would not make any special meaning for me, except for it indicated you clearer or I might remember you easier. If there is any special things behinds English last names, I would like to know, at least I would know the reason why you hid it. Are you a famous person? Hope that the answer is “ NO”. I have no idea but think so.


When you said you were from Boston, Massachusets state, I had no feeling. When I asked you where u did study in, I had no answer. When I guessed you were studying in MIT ( the only university I know from that state), you were surprised how I could know. Nah, you see, I don’t need you had to answer. I felt that when you were persuing the double degrees and one of them was about computer science. MIT’s student are all insane about computer or technical things. Lol.


You joined the exhange languages site to learn nothing ( as I think so) but had fun time with friends on summer holiday. I was happy when you breaked the ice with me and felt that I might cross your eyes! Nothing much special, but we were talking there like friends. And I admired more when you were learning double degrees at the young age. You are as old as me but you entered university earlier than me. It’s kind of the word people say “ little talented” or “ young genius”. And I bet you have bigger and smarter brain than mine just in studying field.


I hardly see that you come online except for couple of times. I always think that you were hard-working student or you appeared offline to me only. I will not wonder about either of these cases. Simply, I don’t  loose the image of you, image of an excellent student coming from the different world from mine. I always keep your words or ur image I created somewhere to encourage me in studying. If you were bad in some ways, let them be; if not, I will be proud of you.


I wish I could be like you, more responsible and could run away from distraction. Yet, I could not do it.


Hope you always fine no matter where you are.


Thank you for being my sample in life.





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