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December 5, 2007

Let me tell you a lil bit about myself here in my blog....im from Los angles, California. I was born and raise there. Currently im not in California nor the states at alll Im in JAPAN!!! Its hella cool down here i must say its a lot of interesting people and things to do over here. I've been living here for amost 2 years. I'm one of those kinda girls who likes to do many crazy things, but no to crazy....Im a pretty outgoing person....And i know that for a fact. I have many friends to prove so. I make them laugh so much ..im a PRETTY FUNNY PERSON...BUT DON'T LET MY SMILE FOOL YOU.....i may be nice but i can also bo a real bitch to you if you get on my bad side. I the main things i liek to do in my life so far is Dancing, hangout, write my little childish poems. An so forth....when it comes to BOYZ!! man thats all i think about i love hangout with guyz and just chilling with them and... you should know the rest of that......so yeh this is just a lil bit about myself that whoever so is reading this can know. So if you wanna knoe a lil bit more bout me you should...just send me a message, email whatever just holla bac @ cha gurl iight then peace.

12:16 AM Feb 04 2008



    veery very fantastic life.ı want to come japan, ı must grraduated my unıv .ı m getting happy for you .because japan is very nice country according to me.yeah ı love japanese people especially girls . ı fall in love with them

    thank you to read my comment.see you beautiful crayz girl see you .ı hope  we will talk about japan

08:00 AM Dec 14 2007


I know you must be a gril who knows a lot of things about Japan or your own hometown,but I think it is very hard when you abroad.You can make friends with me,you can talk with me when you alone. Someday you also can come to china to have a nice holiday ,I can guide you to somewhere you like.

12:18 PM Dec 06 2007


Russian Federation

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December 5, 2007

Do you see the love i had for you, you say you do , but tell me is that true? i say to myself  these feelings i have i must desire, but right now they fell like fire, should i sing a song saying that we belong or maybe its just me am i to blind to see that this love is closin in on me? the affection i had for you made me question, were these feelngs leading me in the wrong direction, are these feelings you have for me  the same because i feel like i'm goin insane, to tell you the truth this is no game, becausof all the pain, i think its best for me to to go far away because of what i believe ican now see what was meant to be. now i've seen and the feeling i have is full of relief, so now my heart is telling me to leave.?

December 5, 2007

Roses are dead

violets are too

im in love

but not with you

when we broke up you thought i cried

but it was for another guy

you told your friends i was a bitch

i told mine you had a small as dick

i told you i loved you

you thought it was true

well guess what nigga this chick

just played you...

12:08 AM Dec 05 2007



this i sa poem by me so don't steal my shit