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December 5, 2007

Let me tell you a lil bit about myself here in my blog....im from Los angles, California. I was born and raise there. Currently im not in California nor the states at alll Im in JAPAN!!! Its hella cool down here i must say its a lot of interesting people and things to do over here. I've been living here for amost 2 years. I'm one of those kinda girls who likes to do many crazy things, but no to crazy....Im a pretty outgoing person....And i know that for a fact. I have many friends to prove so. I make them laugh so much ..im a PRETTY FUNNY PERSON...BUT DON'T LET MY SMILE FOOL YOU.....i may be nice but i can also bo a real bitch to you if you get on my bad side. I the main things i liek to do in my life so far is Dancing, hangout, write my little childish poems. An so forth....when it comes to BOYZ!! man thats all i think about i love hangout with guyz and just chilling with them and... you should know the rest of that......so yeh this is just a lil bit about myself that whoever so is reading this can know. So if you wanna knoe a lil bit more bout me you should...just send me a message, email whatever just holla bac @ cha gurl iight then peace.

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12:16 AM Feb 04 2008



    veery very fantastic life.ı want to come japan, ı must grraduated my unıv .ı m getting happy for you .because japan is very nice country according to me.yeah ı love japanese people especially girls . ı fall in love with them

    thank you to read my comment.see you beautiful crayz girl see you .ı hope  we will talk about japan

08:00 AM Dec 14 2007


I know you must be a gril who knows a lot of things about Japan or your own hometown,but I think it is very hard when you abroad.You can make friends with me,you can talk with me when you alone. Someday you also can come to china to have a nice holiday ,I can guide you to somewhere you like.

12:18 PM Dec 06 2007


Russian Federation

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